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About B

Braska Jennea Givens - BraskaJennea Photography

How Does This Work? 

Well, everything you see online starts out as a PRE-ORDER.  Meaning: it's NOT necessarily in-stock...yet.  

"Huh?"  To keep prices as low as possible I operate on the pre-sale system...only ordering items that you purchase the required minimum pack order that I have to place.  This helps me keep money from sitting there on a shelf not selling, and, by proxy, allows me to not have to raise the rates of my in-store stock to accomodate for only selling one or two of an item! 

So, if you love an item and want it, you'd best place that online order to make sure I can bring it in!  I ship all across the U.S. and accept exchanges (no refunds due to discounted pricing) with all attached tags still intact in perfect, new, unworn, condition for a different size or item if another size isn't available! 

Who am I? 

My people call me "B", you can too.  "Queen B" if you're feeling formal ;) 

The name really is Braska (Braska- pronounced like Nebraska (the state) but without the NE) and Jennea is really my middle name. (Jennea- pronounced Juh-knee-uh).  No, never even been to Nebraska, our whole family is from Tennessee, and both are family names. Just because I KNOW you're curious :)  

Cooler than the flip side of your pillow, I am a former Wedding Planner, now part time Floral Designer, but most passionately a Professional Photographer for the last 5 years.  A camera in my hand, and weddings in my bones, it was inevitable God would finally call me to this...albeit the road getting to my destination could've been faster Ha! All in His perfect time. 

 I somehow feel like this is a dating profile site where I spill about my life.  Single, never married, no children, just waiting on that God's perfect timing thing still. ;)  If you have any single, tall, stocky, Jesus loving fellas in your circle hook a sister up! Ha!  No really ;) 

I live to love on people like Jesus, adore all things wedding, floral, photography, and anything craft related. Christmas, SNOW, Apple Cinnamon Candles all year long, dancing, writing, mentoring young women, encouraging others, pedicures, wine with my girls, and laughing until I cry are the beat to my heart. 

Business Talk: 

I am a professional Wedding photographer based out of Southeastern & Middle Tennessee.  My studio is in Historic Downtown in my hometown's neighbor "big city" of Athens, TN, but travel and destination weddings are also available.

Primarily I shoot Weddings, Engagements, and Boudoir, but also have a heart when time permits for Lifestyle, Maternity, Newborns, and creating stunning Professional Headshots.  Always providing my clients with wardrobe consults makes this new extension to my Studio a natural progression. 

Making women of ALL sizes feel like the beaiutiful daughters of God that they are is a gift God has given me.  While researching expanding into Bridal Accessories, and Rehearsal/Bridal Shower/Bachelorette clothing He struck me with the lightbulb that I could help myself, and my fellow curvy sisters find, and AFFORD, beautiful, stylish, trendy clothing.  

I've always walked into every Boutique, and other clothing stores, only to walk out feeling defeated, unappreciated, and like somehow I was bound to a life of boring or "old lady" fashion at astronomical prices.  

My mission was clear: Use my God given gift of a Photographic Eye to choose clothing that not only would photograph well on my clients, but be figure flattering in real life as well.  Just because it's on a runway, or a celebrity, doesn't mean it should be ;) 

Expanding into comfortable and stylish clothing for my fellow female Photographers was a natural progession, as was offering the highest quality lingerie for the beautiful curves of every woman.

We don't have to wear "granny bras" or "granny panties"  just because God gave us a few extra curves in certain areas ;)

So, browse the Online Catalog, email me with any questions (Personal style help and sizing help is my forte!), and know that YOU are beautiful, YOU are worthy, and YOU are LOVED!